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02Dec Dreamhack Winter 2013
24Nov Opening Cup
22Nov Invites! Invites! Invites...
17Nov 2 cups 1 ...trophy?
05Nov Battlefield 4 Servers!
vs. fr Against All A...DH ...1 : 2
vs. eu Meet Your Mak...DH ...1 : 2
vs. eu Epsilon eSportsDH ...2 : 0
vs. gb Exertus eSportsDH ...2 : 0
vs. pl JBonitoESL...339 : 0

Dreamhack Winter 2013

Posted by: Ahrkey

Dreamhack Winter 2013

After a long and eventful weekend DHW 2013 is over! We got to see some really good games where it was almost down to the very last ticket!

As always it was awesome meeting and greeting with people, players and teams! Big thanks to the organizers and casters of the tournament for a great and well organized tournament!

In case you missed the streams you can find our games here:

Group match 1 vs Exertus eSport
Map 1: Map 1
Map 2: Map 2

Group match 2 vs Epsilon eSport
Map 1: Map 1
Map 2: Map 2

Group match 3 vs MeetYourMakers
Map 1: Map 1
Map 2: Map 2
Map 3: Map 3

Semi final vs Team aAa
Map 1: Not uploaded yet
Map 2: Map 2
Map 3: Map 3

Opening Cup

Posted by: Ahrkey

ESL 5v5 Opening Cup

Earlier this week we participated in the ESL 5on5 Domination Opening Cup. We're happy to be able to announce that we won a couple of matches and eventually the whole cup.

You can review the brackets here:
ESL 5on5 Domination Opening Cup

Invites! Invites! Invites!

Posted by: Ahrkey

EYEBALLERS gets invited to EMS ONE/ DHW 13

Next week it is time for Dream Hack Winter '13. As usual AMD and Sapphire is hosting a Battlefield tournament. We're happy to announce that we're one of the invited teams. Ofcourse we're going to participate and will start playing in the Group B.

You can find the schedule and more information here:
DreamHack AMD SAPPHIRE BF4 Championship

Not only are we invited to Dreamhack but we've also received an invitation to ESL EMS One. In case you didn't know, EMS is a Pro League hosted by ESL with a whopping 120.000€ prize purse.

You can read more about EMS and our invitiation here:
EYEBALLERS, third invite to the EMS One

2 cups 1 ...trophy?

Posted by: Ahrkey

Team Dignitas Cup

Today was an eventful day in the BF4 scene! Two cups! A lot of action! Plenty of entertainment!

First cup was hosted by Team Dignitas and Alienware with a prize purse of £1000. After a lot of exciting action we managed to snag the first place against Meet Your Makers.

The other cup was the very first Go4BF4! The brackets were nearly identical which meant we ended up meeting Meet Your Makers again! After a really action packed game we were, unfortunately, defeated.

You can review both brackets here:
Team Dignitas Cup

We want to thank everyone involved. From event hosts, casters and especially to our opponents!

Battlefield 4 Servers!

Posted by: Ahrkey


The much anticipated Battlefield 4 has launched and ofcourse we have public servers for it! Come join us and try your mettle against us and other players.

You can find them on battlelog by filtering for EYEBALLERS and you might find them here as well:
EYEBALLERS @ Gametracker

We're looking into the possibility for statistics for each server as we used to have for bf3.

ESL Summercup Final!

Posted by: Ahrkey

ESL Summercup Final!

On Wednesday we will be playing the ESL Summercup Final against 3-bit. It will be played on the map Seine Crossing. As usual we will be streaming at our usual channels.

The game scheduled to start at 20:00 CET but as usual expect some delays. Be sure to like, favorite, subscribe and check the streams out!

If you have any questions about EYEBALLERS, the players, the gear or battlefield in general bring them to the stream chat where I and other EYEBALLERS will be present. We will try and answer all of your questions if possible.

See you tomorrow!

INET event

Posted by: Ahrkey

Inet Event!

During this weekend you can meet and and greet with EYEBALLERS and challenge them at the INET shop in Stockholm. You can win prizes if you manage to score a kill or even win!

You even get a prize by just challenging us! Be sure to check it out!

Read more about it here(Swedish)

Inactivity and Summer Cup

Posted by: Ahrkey

In case you missed it; we've been somewhat inactive the last couple of months due to various reasons such as summer, vacation, waiting for bf4, lack of cups/tournaments... until now!

We're happy to announce that we will be playing in the ESL SQR Summer Cup this Wednesday! We will most likely be streaming. The cup is scheduled to start at 20:00 CET but... you know how it is.

Be there!

EYEBALLERS Merchandise!

Posted by: Ahrkey

EYEBALLERS Merchandise!

Lots of people have been asking us "Where can I buy an EYEBALLERS mousemat/shirt?!" to which the answer has simply been "Nope!". Until now. You can now find EYEBALLERS merchandise in the QPAD webshop! Be sure to check it out immediately!

ESL Sprincup 2013 Grand Final!

Posted by: Ahrkey

As you may have seen we played the Grand Final of the ESL Sprincup 2013 against Lita. It was a close game but in the end we managed to win. In the clip above you can review the first round. The POV belongs to GRosvall.

In the clip below you can see the second round, also GRosvalls POV.

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