flusha retires from professional Counter-Strike

With three majors won, once named mvp in a major and one of the key players in one of the world's best teams ever, Robin "flusha" Rönnquist has had a career many can only dream of. Now flusha has made the decision to retire from professional Counter-Strike.

After missing out on our last matches, we can now go out with flusha's decision to withdraw from the server. The decision is Robin's own and comes after he has been thinking about his future career for quite some time.

In a separate statement to his supporters around the world, he explains the decision:

“Hello, dear supporters and friends. For some time now I have felt a lack of motivation and also i’ve been having less and less fun while playing. I also felt that EYEBALLERS needed some new blood so it was a mix of a lot, but I've been thinking about this for the last year and once you get these thoughts maybe it's right not to try to push it even more than what’s already done.

It feels like the right time to stop now, I'm not very old compared to some others on the scene, but I've accomplished a lot and I'm happy with everything I've done. There isn't much more to do for me and if you don't enjoy it, it's pointless to stay on the server.

I feel very satisfied with my career where I have been able to participate and win a lot, especially during my time in fnatic. But I also feel very satisfied that I have been able to play with teammates who have also become very good friends, especially JW and KRiMZ with whom I shared incredibly good memories.”

In conclusion, flusha wants to send a message to all the supporters who during his career have been there and supported him, through thick and thin.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me, your support has meant everything in my career and I will never forget that. But you won't get rid of me completely though, you will find me as a streamer then I will try to help EYEBALLERS in any way I can."

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist will be available for interviews with the media today Tuesday 15th of August 2023, between 15:15 and 16:15 CEST. Contact our press officer Robin Lindgren to schedule an interview.

Contact details:

Robin Lindgren - eyeflynnbomb@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/robinlindgreen