EYEBALLERS Sign Slap as New Head Coach

As a team and organization we strive to help nurture the future of Swedish top level Counter-Strike talent, and in order to achieve that goal - EYEBALLERS obviously need a coach to match the ambition.

“From the inception of EYEBALLERS we had slap in mind to become the coach and manager of our organization, so we are extremely pleased to be able to start working with him. We are happy and thankful we could find a solution for this together with the NiP management”, says Jesper “JW” Wecksell, CEO of Eyeballers. “This signing wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners JBL Quantum, BITSKINS and Peas of Heaven, that enabled the re-launch of EYEBALLERS.”

The spearheaders of EYEBALLERS, Jesper “JW” Wecksell and Robin “flusha” Rönnquist both view the signing of slap as a move for the future. The duo foresee a long and prosperous partnership ahead.

“He literally was our first option. He did a fantastic job with the Young Ninjas and has proven himself to be one the best coaches in Sweden when it comes to developing young talents. On top of having good hands with young players he can also teach us veterans new things. said Robin “flusha” Rönnquist. “As founders of the team we see a long collaboration in front of us, and also have been given the right to decide who plays and not”

Fredrik “slap” Junbrant joins us after an eye-catching tenure as the head coach of Young Ninjas, and documented ability to spot up and coming talent, and an exceptional knack in helping skillful individuals improve in all elements that are associated with CS:GO his own talents will help us hone our craft even further.

“I’m all-in on this project. With the right mix of young talent and seasoned vets EYEBALLERS will be the place to be at for the coming years”, says the man of the hour himself Fredrik “slap” Junbrant “I firmly believe that we will see a Swedish player walk through our project and reach our goal. A player, either with us - or after having gone through our organization - reaches the Champions Stage in a major in two years time. We have so many talented young players in Sweden, and all they need is some type of guidance, some form of structure to reach their full potential. And I’m here to help those players on their journey as much as I can.”

The former Ninja is quick to acknowledge the importance of having been a part of such an illustrious organization as Ninjas in Pyjamas. Not only has Björn “THREAT” Pers and the rest of the crew been an, according to slap himself, amazing teacher, he was also one of the reasons slap is even in this body of work from the very beginning.

“I want to thank everybody in the NiP organization and all the players. There are few organizations, if any, who have given the opportunity to so many young aspiring talents as NiP has,” said Fredrik “slap” Junbrant.

EYEBALLERS is a legacy esports team brand with a history since 1998. The legendary organization has been given a new opportunity to once again reclaim its position at the top of the esports hierarchy. Based out of Avesta, EYEBALLERS will focus mainly on Counter-Strike but will not hesitate to make more splashes in other esports along the journey.  EYEBALLERS is sponsored by JBL Quantum, Peas of Heaven and Bitskins.





Björn Ehrnberg, bjorn.ehrnberg@frame.gl.