In our ambition to bring swedish Counter-Strike to the top again we’ve been looking for the perfect fit to our team and the player to fill the holes that flusha left. Now we’ve found our guy, and it’s time for our stand-in to officially wear the red and white jersey. 

With the acquisition of Ludvig “HEAP” Alonso it’s time to raise the bar and set our goals high for CS2. 

Just a few days ago we had to say goodbye to Robin “flusha” Rönnquist as he decided to retire from professional Counter-Strike and since then we’ve been a man short in our roster – a spot that HEAP has filled for the last weeks, but as stand-in. 

But for us it has been clear that HEAP is a person and a player that fit’s in the red and white and therefore we’re so excited to finally have him as a permanent player in our roster. 

– It’s so fun to be back and in a team again, i’ve been missing from the scene for quite some time now so i'm really hyped to get this chance and once again strive for greatness with like minded players. I know all of the guys in the roster since before and i’m so happy to join this team, says HEAP and continues: 

– I wanna bring some hype to this team and also maybe some fresh insights on the game. 

With CS2 approaching EYEBALLER’s ambitions are high and with a new headquarter where the team will bootcamp a lot between tournaments the future looks exciting as we continue our journey. 

Jesper “JW” Wecksell, co-founder and CEO of EYEBALLERS, about the addition of HEAP:

– I’m extremely happy that we managed to sign HEAP to EYEBALLER. He’s a guy that’s been on my radar for a long time, and in my opinion he’s one of the most promising young players in Sweden. His potential is sky high and I'm sure that he’ll fit right into our roster, and together with us I really think that HEAP will grow and become an even better player.

JW also adds: 

– The dynamic of our group is really good and Ludvig is the perfect fit for us, and it really feels like we’re on route to something great now. With a little more time and with CS2 releasing soon i’m so motivated and excited for the future, and for the new EYEBALLERS. 

Last but not least i would like to thank ULTI Agency and Asgeir for a smooth signing with HEAP.

For our headcoach, Fredrik “Slap” Junbrant, a new challenge now awaits with a different kind of lineup where the so experienced veteran in flusha has been changed to our young gun in HEAP. 

– I’m very happy that we managed to get HEAP. He’s so skilled individually and his potential is huge.  

Based out of Avesta in Sweden, EYEBALLERS strives to become a leading voice in the world of esports. The legendary brand has been given a new opportunity to once again reclaim its position at the top of the esports hierarchy.


Robin Lindgren